Grid Piece , action photo (1 of 3000), 2016

Grid Piece, action photo (1 of 3000), 2016

Grid Piece is a performance that occurs at the intersection of drawing, still photography, and the digital screen. In a sequence of 3000 action photos I explore the creation, destruction, and embodiment of the grid.

The grid presents a neutral map upon which we project personal and social systems; data, language, design, measurement. While seemingly completely external to the body, a cerebral construct, the ultimate abstraction - there is evidence of grids millennia before the modernist era going back to pre-historic cave paintings. In this exploration I actively speculate whether the grid is itself a body, with beginnings and ends, surface and interior, fluctuations and flaws. Has the grid been a blueprint of our human existence all along, an invisible interior armature providing directional stability and even spiritual guidance - do we make the grid or does the grid make us?

Grid Piece, time-lapse of 3000 action photos, 2016

duration 05:57 minutes (loop)